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What is Steampunk?

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What is that?

  Decoding Nerdspeak: A Beginner's Guide to the Fascinating World of "Nerdy" Stuff Let's face it, the word "nerd" used to conjure up images of pocket protectors and thick glasses. But these days, being nerdy is practically cool! From superhero movies inspired by comic books to video games that rival Hollywood productions, nerdy interests are more mainstream than ever. However, for the uninitiated, all that jargon and complex concepts can feel like a different language. Fear not, curious reader! I am beginning a series of articles aiming to bridge the gap and introduce you to the fascinating world of "nerdy" topics in a way that's both informative and engaging. I'll be diving into a variety of subjects, from the fantastical realms of science fiction and fantasy to the mind-bending world of physics and technology. Whether you've always wondered how spaceships work or simply want to understand the references your friends make about the lat

Hero of Ages

The Hero of Ages: An Epic Mistborn Finale Welcome to our exploration of Brandon Sanderson's The Hero of Ages , the culminating chapter in the Mistborn saga. This book isn't just a fantasy adventure; it's a world of intrigue, heroism, and profound questions that beg for answers long after you turn the final page. A World on the Brink of Apocalypse Before we delve into the plot, let's set the stage. Sanderson's mastery of worldbuilding is on full display here. Scadrial, the ash-choked world under an oppressive Lord Ruler's thumb, is further explored. We see new cultures, the lingering effects of the rebellion, and the ever-present threat of a prophesied doom. This constant sense of danger adds weight to the characters' struggles as they grapple with the secrets of the Deepness, a malevolent force threatening to consume their world. Characters Tested: Sacrifice, Redemption, and the Burden of Destiny Now, let's meet the unforgettable cast that brings this


For casual observers, the recent acquisition of Warmachine and the Iron Kingdoms setting by Steamforged Games might not register. But for tabletop wargamers, it represents a significant shift, even though its one with less fanfare than it might have received a decade ago. The Iron Kingdoms is a unique setting that blends fantasy elements with gritty steampunk technology. Players can choose from various factions, each with its own distinct aesthetic and playstyle. There are the noble knights of Cygnar, wielding steam-powered warjacks alongside traditional cavalry. Khador, on the other hand, embraces brutal efficiency, fielding massive warjacks fueled by coal and cruelty. I mentioned playing Rangers of Shadow Deep last week, and its appeal as a solo game.  Most tabletop wargames are two players.  One player has a force that plays against another player's force.  There are many different games available, but the biggest one is Warhammer 40,000 or often referred to as 40k.  It has been

Prime Day

Prime Day 2024: Your Guide to Saving Big on Laptops, Games, Electronics, and More! Prime Day(s) have been announced, and you can look forward to deals on everyone's favorite online retail juggernaut on July 16-17! Whether you're a college student prepping for dorm life, a game enthusiast craving new challenges, or simply looking to upgrade your essentials, Prime Day offers the perfect chance to snag incredible deals across various categories. Tech Savvy Student Essentials: Is your high school graduate heading off to college soon? Prime Day is a fantastic time to find a powerful and portable laptop at a discounted price. Look for deals on options like the sleek  MacBook Air , or the  Acer Aspire  series, offering a balance of functionality and affordability. Upgrade Your Dorm Life (or Anyone's Life!): Speaking of dorms, Prime Day isn't just for students. Stock up on discounted essentials like microwaves, mini fridges , and electric kettles to make dorm life (or any apa


If you were a comic book fan alive in the 90s, you probably recognize this video. The X-Men, created by Stan Lee in 1963, hold a unique place in superhero history. Debuting during the Civil Rights Movement, they were a powerful metaphor for social discrimination, their struggles resonating deeply with readers. Unlike heroes empowered by accidents or technology, the X-Men's mutant abilities were inherent, emerging in adolescence, a time often marked by feelings of being different. Though cancelled in 1970, the X-Men's story didn't end. "Giant-Size X-Men" #1 in 1975 marked a glorious return, introducing a diverse international team featuring Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, and Nightcrawler. Under writer Chris Claremont's direction (starting with "X-Men" #94), the series rose to become one of Marvel's cornerstone franchises. The core theme of discrimination has remained a constant. The X-Men have always been portrayed as outsiders, facing bigotry and vi

Rangers of Shadow Deep

  One hobby that I picked up along the way has been tabletop games.  Some people think that means Monopoly, Clue or Guess Who?.  While I enjoy playing those games on family nights, I'm talking about more complex games.  Dungeons and Dragons is, without question, the most recognized, and I enjoy playing that as well.  I just frequently find it more and more difficult to line up all the schedules with friends to play. In 2018, the author of Frostgrave, another game that I am a fan of but don't play often, self-published another game that he had created.  It's set in a dark land overrun by creeping shadows and stirring evil.  You build your own band of Rangers, customizing their stats, abilities, and even giving them names that fit the grim setting. This creates a party tailored to your preferred playstyle, whether you favor brute strength, magical prowess, or stealth and cunning. As your Rangers progress, you can further personalize them with equipment, skills, and spells, en