I don't know what is happening!

 NetworkChuck says I need a website right now.  

So here we are.  This is as much of an experiment as it is an outlet, a means and a challenge.

matt@everynerd:~$ whoami

In a world full of specialists, there are people who dabble in a bit of everything nerdy. I am the Everynerd.

If you ask ChatGPT to explain the term "Everyman," it might say something like this:

The term "Everyman" refers to a character that represents an ordinary individual, with whom the audience can easily identify. This character is often used in literature, drama, and other forms of storytelling to symbolize common human experiences, traits, and struggles. The Everyman is typically portrayed as average, lacking in exceptional qualities or extraordinary circumstances, making their experiences relatable to the general populace. The concept originated from a medieval morality play titled "Everyman," where the protagonist, Everyman, represents humanity and faces various moral and existential challenges.

I would say that an "Everynerd" is the nerdy equivalent. I'm not highly experienced in computer programming, chemistry, or engineering. However, I do understand concepts like Bitcoin, aquaponics, and U.V. cured resin. I have a job in tech and play tabletop games. I've read comics and played video games since I was a kid. When you say the word "nerd," you could easily be talking about me.

What Makes an Everynerd?

Everynerds are enthusiasts who may not be experts but have a deep appreciation and understanding of various nerdy subjects. We might not be coding wizards or engineering geniuses, but we know enough to appreciate the complexities and innovations in these fields. Whether it's the latest Marvel movie or a new tabletop RPG, we dive in with enthusiasm and curiosity.

What to Expect on Everynerd

On this blog, I'll be sharing everything from product reviews to thought-provoking articles. Expect posts about the latest gadgets, in-depth looks at nerdy hobbies, and discussions on interesting ideas and concepts. I want this to be a place where everyone can discover new interests and share their own.