The Acolyte

I've seen a lot of bad reviews on the show, but that could just be the typical review bombing that seems to happen on everything lately.  While it hasn't been a 10/10, the first two episodes have plenty of good compared to bad.


One of the cornerstones of the Star Wars saga has always been its music. With its iconic and distinct feel, the soundtrack plays a crucial role in shaping the atmosphere of the series. In "The Acolyte," the music continues this tradition, seamlessly integrating with the narrative and enhancing the overall experience.  The score in "The Acolyte" excels in capturing the essence of the Star Wars universe. The composers have skillfully crafted a soundtrack that both honors John Williams' legendary work and brings a fresh experience to the series. The use of similar and familiar tracks mixed with new themes creates a perfect balance, poking at nostalgia while not seeming to rely on it.


The sets and costumes of "The Acolyte" mostly upheld the high bar set by the Star Wars universe.  Detailed sets make you believe in these galaxies far, far away.  Costumes reflect the unique cultures and personalities of the characters. However, despite these strengths, there are a couple of notable missteps that detract from an otherwise stellar visual presentation.

The most blatant one is what I have heard more people legitimately complain about than anything else. A spaceship is shown on fire in the vacuum of space. Unlike a brief explosion, its an ongoing fire, which is scientifically inaccurate given the lack of oxygen in space to sustain a flame. This oversight stands out as a significant error in an otherwise carefully crafted world.

I also didn't like her "pajamas", but I feel like I'm nitpicking at that point.


The first action scene of the series unfortunately did not set the best tone.  It seemed "off". The movements of the characters appeared overly choreographed, almost like a rehearsed dance rather than an organic, spontaneous fight.  Fortunately, subsequent action sequences showed a marked improvement. The fights became more fluid and natural, capturing the chaotic energy and unpredictability that are hallmarks of the Star Wars franchise. The stunt coordination and special effects started to meld seamlessly, drawing viewers into the action rather than distracting them from it.


Another cornerstone of Star Wars has always been its incredible characters, but this is where the show falls flat the most. Although we're only two episodes in, none of the characters introduced so far have been captivating. The intrigue surrounding Osha's character is resolved far too quickly.  Stretching this mystery over several episodes could have added significant depth to her story. Meanwhile, Sol's padawan and his green friend are barely one-dimensional, contributing so disappointingly little that it leaves questions as to their purpose in the show.  Yord at least has some personality.

Ultimately, I'm going to keep watching.  If nothing else, I want to find out more about the new Sith characters.